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A British Pearl ISA allows you to invest in property backed loans tax free. ISA rules apply.

What is a
British Pearl ISA?

With a British Pearl ISA, you can invest savings of up to £20,000 p.a. and transfer in your existing ISAs tax free in loans secured against UK property. Just like a bank providing a mortgage, your capital is secured with a first charge.

Calculate the interest you can earn on your ISA savings with our investments

  • Enter your investment amount
  • Select your property investment
  • See returns by month, year and term
  • See how much your savings can grow tax free
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Portsmouth No. 1
5 Years
Rate p.a.
First months' interest£18.33
Average annual interest£245.81
Total interest return£1,229.07
Investment + return£6,229.07

Calculations are a guide only, based on investment for the full term and assuming that all interest earned is reinvested in a similar loan (subject to availability).

Benefits of choosing
a British Pearl ISA

  • Earn tax-free interest up to 4.4% p.a.
  • Interest accrues daily, paid monthly into your wallet
  • Option to exit early through our Resale Market
  • Easy set up in seconds
  • Fully flexible ISA
  • Loans secured by first charge over UK property
  • 3 - 5 year investment terms available
  • Diversify loans across multiple UK properties
  • Transfer funds from existing ISAs for free
  • Manage your ISA with easy to use dashboard

Capital at risk. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

Choose to invest your ISA in any number of our loans

Property loanLTVTerm Ratep.a.
Andover60%3yrs years3.95%
Halifax50%3yrs years3.75%
Lancaster70%5yrs years4.40%
Portsmouth No. 170%5yrs years4.40%
Portsmouth No. 260%5yrs years4.20%
Acton50%5yrs years4.00%

Investments subject to availability.

How to set up your British Pearl ISA

Confirm email

Confirm your email address to start the account opening process

Accreditation & verify ID

It is a legal requirement to confirm what type of investor you are and verify your identity to open your free account.

Open ISA

All that is needed is your National Insurance (NI) number to open your ISA. You can open it in a second, it is that simple.

Fund wallet

Securely fund your wallet via debit card or bank transfer. Easily transfer cash from your main account into your ISA. When choosing your investment, simply select your ISA.

Frequently asked questions

    What is an ISA?
    An ISA is an Individual Savings Account that works like a normal savings account, except you don’t pay any UK income or capital gains tax. There are four types of ISA: cash, stocks and shares, innovative finance and lifetime. The British Pearl ISA is an innovative finance ISA.

    For more information please see the HMRC website here.
    Who can open a British Pearl ISA?
    To be eligible to open and invest in a British Pearl ISA you need to be a UK resident for tax purposes and aged 18 or over.
    You can have multiple ISAs but you can only open one of each type in a tax year. The current tax year runs from 6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019.

    For more information please see the HMRC website here.
    Can I have a standard British Pearl account as well?
    Absolutely. The two accounts work in the same way. The only difference is that you do not have to pay any income or capital gains tax on loans held in your British Pearl ISA account.
    How much can I invest?
    The total amount you can save in ISAs in the current tax year is £20,000. This is known as the ISA allowance. The current tax year runs from 6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019. You can take advantage of your allowance by opening a British Pearl ISA. If you have any existing ISAs, you can transfer funds from them over to us. Bear in mind that you cannot carry over any unused allowance from one tax year to another. The ISA allowance resets back to the annual limit set by the government.
    How secure are the loans?
    The loans are backed by the individual property that they are against. This means that the loan repayments are paid first when the property is sold before any cash is distributed to the Share Investors.
    Can I buy both shares and loans in my ISA?
    You are currently only able to buy loans in the ISA.
    Is this ISA flexible?
    Yes, the British Pearl ISA is 'Flexible'. This means that if you take any cash out of your British Pearl ISA you can replace it during the same tax year without using up any of your annual allowance. So, if you had used up all of your allowance but needed to take out £5,000 for an emergency, you would be able to put £5,000 back in before the end of the tax year.
    What are the charges?
    There are no additional charges for opening a British Pearl ISA, transferring ISAs over or the day to day management of your ISA. All fees are exactly the same as the standard British Pearl account.

Meet the team

  • James NewberyInvestment ManagerJames brings broad experience across the portfolio management and wealth management markets having spent two decades in financial services.
  • Tom YeomansonProperty DirectorTom brings a wealth of knowledge regarding acquisition, valuation appraisals, sales management, off plan sales, developer account management and development consultancy.
  • Alex FinkHead of Investor RelationsAlex has over 10 years’ experience in market insight, trade and investment strategy. He is our first port of call for investors, aiming to build long lasting relationships.
  • Henry GalbraithInvestor RelationsHenry specialises in investor relations and has ample experience in fundraising for various venture capital firms and investment platforms.

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Happy customers

The days of investing my £20k annual ISA allowance with my bank are over. Thank you for giving me a really great alternative option. I barely even got 1% in my old Cash ISA, which I now intend on transferring to British Pearl. I’m now getting 4.4% p.a. interest paid every month, which I usually re-invest. I have recommended British Pearl to all my family and friends with utter confidence from my experience so far. Thank you to all the team at British Pearl!
Keith Upsdell


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Your capital is at risk Investing in property involves risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and historic performance is not a guide for future performance. Any projections of future performance are based on all information known at the time of share investment or loan, and internal calculations and opinions of British Pearl. These are subject to change and are not guarantees and should not be relied upon as such. Risks include the total loss of your share investment or loan, variable rental income due to property not being rented or a depressed rental market, and inability to sell your share investment or loan due to lack of a buyer. Investing with British Pearl falls outside the remit of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please refer to the Key Risks section of this site for a more comprehensive description of the risks involved.

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