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What can you buy for £100?

Sep 18 • The British Pearl Team

How much is £100 worth to you? It forms 15.7% of the average weekly salary for men and 19% for women in the UK. Printing a note costs just a few pence for the Bank of England but the significance of £100 can be interpreted beyond its literal monetary value. For someone who commutes long distances to work with public transport it most likely won’t last very long. However, if someone spent £100 on a gift for you, it would be £29 more than the average child’s Christmas present from their own parents. You would be surprised at what £100 can buy.


On the London tube, you could make 20 single journeys or travel between zones 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 or 5-6 for a month. Unfortunately any monthly travel including zone 1 would take you over budget. Alternatively you could spend £81.50 for a monthly bus and tram pass and have money left for a few short Uber rides. You can buy a plane ticket to Ukraine for £82 and have £18 for onboard magazines and snacks. Go on, spoil yourself.


Tickets for Broadway’s hottest new export, Hamilton, start at £20 but that price bracket sells out incredibly fast. You are more likely to find a pair of tickets totalling £100. Football fans can enjoy some of the best seats in the house at an Arsenal game for just under £100. Alternatively, you could enjoy up to roughly 10 visits to the cinema based on average rates.


You could put your £100 towards something more practical and a week’s worth of groceries. You could buy 333 Welsh Cakes in Swansea, 27 Bakewell Tarts from Derbyshire or 6 Sunday lunches in Yorkshire. If you stay true to the stereotype of a millennial, you may want to buy 40 medium lattes or 20 portions of avocado on toast. Get a 3 course meal at the Dorchester for precisely £100 or drink five of their well-renowned cocktails. It is unconfirmed whether the hangover is included in their package.


What if I told you that you could own a property for £100? Not an entire property but part of it. Why not use that £100 as an investment towards your future instead of a night out that ends with you avoiding your bank balance? £100 can get you farther than you may realise, especially with compound interest accumulated over time. It happens to be the entry point for investing on our platform. We cannot make you Richard Branson overnight unfortunately but we can provide a starting point for you to test the waters of property investment.

People have been investing in property for a very long time and they will continue to. British Pearl offers you the chance to invest in something tangible that people will always want: a roof over their head. Ready to find out more?