Invest in property today

Invest in property today

From £100 you can own shares or make secured loans

Want easy access to property market returns or to earn like a bank by being a mortgage lender?British Pearl offers you the chance to do it all.


  • Projected total returns up to 13.4% p.a.
  • Monthly rental dividend income
  • Share in any capital gains


  • Fixed interest rate up to 4.4% p.a.
  • Monthly interest income
  • ISA eligible for tax free returns

Investment categories

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Invest in buy to let properties, typically with a five year investment term. Share Investors receive a share of any net rental income (after fees and taxes) and any capital gain on sale. Loan Investors receive monthly fixed interest in line with market mortgage rates.

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Invest in development projects, with potentially higher returns, with investment terms up to two years. Share Investors receive a share of any capital gain on sale. Loan Investors receive monthly fixed interest in line with development finance rates, which tend to be higher than buy to let.


Shares & Loans

We provide access to the advantages enjoyed by property professionals. Share Investors have access to property investment and Loan Investors can act like a bank and provide a mortgage.

Build Your Portfolio

Choose the level of risk you are comfortable with and invest in both rental or development properties across the UK.

Resale Market

Do you want to exit an investment early? Have you missed out? Our Resale Market allows you to trade your shares and loans during the life of the investment.

Transparent Financials

We always want you to know exactly where you stand. So we give you full investment information with no hidden fees.


Remove the stress of buying and managing investment properties by investing from anywhere using our easy and secure online process that even works on your mobile.

Expert Advantage

Our professional acquisition and management team has proven experience of achieving both competitive monthly income and long term growth.

How to investin under 4 minutes

Confirm Email

Confirm your email address to start the account opening process.


It is a legal requirement to confirm what type of investor you are and ensure our investments are suitable.

Verify ID

We have to verify your identity to open your free account and prevent fraud.

Fund Wallet

Securely fund your wallet via debit card or bank transfer.


Ring-fenced Investments

Each property is owned separately and ring-fenced from any liabilities of other properties and from British Pearl.

Segregated Client Money

Pending investment, your money is held in a segregated client account protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (up to £85,000 limit per organisation).


British Pearl is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Liquidity Protection

Your property investments are protected from cash flow problems by our contingency funds.

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