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We enable property development by satisfying all of your capital needs at a competitive price

A new market to sell your completed projects

Raise capital for your developments

Raise capital quickly

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Sell Completed Projects

We provide property developers with access to a new way to sell your completed projects as rental investments to our customers on the platform

New Sales Channel

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Working with Professionals

Development Capital Raising

We enable property development by satisfying all of your capital needs at a competitive price

New Funding Source

Equity and Debt Capital

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Approved partner

Become an approved partner by submitting a quick online application providing company and director information, including details of your track record.

Submit project

Start the capital raising process by submitting projects for review by our team. Only projects that meet our criteria are accepted.

Due diligence

We carefully consider all qualifying projects. Our team is focused on reaching an informed decision as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Receive funding/Sale

Once a purchase is approved we will move quickly to complete the deal. For development projects, we manage all the administration so you can focus on delivery. Our monitoring process is collaborative to ensure the fastest tranche releases possible.


New sales channel

Thanks to the growing buying power of the online investor community, British Pearl represents a consistent and reliable new market to sell your completed projects.

New funding source

We aim to raise capital for projects that add value across the UK. We do this by giving smaller savers access to property investment, as well as making investment easier and more accessible to experienced investors.

Quick decisions

We understand the need to move quickly on property development and investment opportunities. Our smart technology enables us to remove the middlemen and improve processing times. We also take a commercial and pragmatic approach to your project. All with the shared goal of completing the transaction as quickly as possible.

Equity and debt capital

Unlike banks we can provide both equity and debt funding. We structure our funding models with sufficient equity to ensure debt servicing costs can be met while still benefiting from the leverage provided by borrowing. We partner with you in your development projects while providing you with access to competitively priced capital.


Professional partners

British Pearl works with reputable professional partners. These include institutions, investment funds, insolvency practitioners, auction houses, estate agents and developers with excellent track records and forward thinking development strategies which enhance the areas they work in.


Our goal is to provide our investors with attractive returns and acceptable risk. For our rental portfolio we are seeking annual total returns of not less than 7% p.a. (income and capital) and we can exchange and complete very quickly. For our development portfolio we are looking for projects returning not less than 15% p.a. for our equity/Share investors.

Location driven

We focus on locations with high rental demand, good transport connections and excellent growth potential.

Risk mitigation

British Pearl’s experienced team employs a rigorous assessment process to minimise risks and maximise potential returns.