8 PropTech companies you need to know about

Oct 18 • The British Pearl Team

Property as you know it is changing. There is a new generation of innovative companies transforming this multi-billion pound industry. They are combining property and technology seamlessly to change the way you find, transact, manage, design and invest in property. Below you will find a selection of PropTech companies showing the innovation and diversity within this exciting industry (listed in no particular order).


Rightmove offers a comprehensive property search, listing over 1 million properties for sale or rent, even from your smartphone. There is a tool which matches your budget and needs with locations for where you can live as well as investment opportunities overseas.


Still in its early stages, Inadash has potential. Its aim is to accelerate the process of matching tenants to rental properties. The USP is the ability to book viewings more flexibly and efficiently, reducing the bureaucracy and waiting around that both tenants and landlords dislike. Tenants can book or request a viewing alternatively the “open house” feature advertises that the agent is currently at a property to arrange viewing straight away.


SpareRoom is the UK’s most popular app for finding flatmates. It has two options: ‘search rooms’ and ‘search roommates.’ You can search for rooms nearby on a map, save ads and call people direct from the app.


Trussle is an online mortgage broker comparing 11,000 deals from over 90 lenders and picking the most suitable for you. You could agree on a mortgage in minutes.


Moving can be a highly stressful experience, and people often end up creating endless inventory lists. Sortly catalogues your items by taking pictures and saving them. Create custom labels for each box with scannable QR codes so you know which box has your toothbrush.


Described as a “bar tab for the home” by its founder, Acasa is ideal for shared-household residents who want to track shared bills and finances. You can even pay service providers direct. It claims to be able to save you £200 a year and has helped manage £80 million worth of expenses between 2015 and 2017.


Looking for an office or to rent a desk? Hubble links those offering office space to those needing it. Currently it has 20,000 desks worth of office space. With more companies looking for flexible ways of working, it is no surprise big companies like Jaguar Land Rover are clients.


For those of you looking to renovate your property, this platform is dedicated to connecting approved tradesmen with matching jobs across the country. Whether you want an electrician, decorator, plumber, engineer…you can find one here.

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